Unto Others

“Unto Others” is a visual essay on life surrounded by others. It addresses the ideas of social interactions, loneliness, connectedness, support vs. alienation. In a time when discussions about mental health, social acceptance or rejection, connectivity etc. are more and more pervasive, “Unto Others” offers an inside view into these issues from the perspective of a (sometimes self-proclaimed) outsider: do I really belong, and more importantly, do I want to belong?
The 11 pieces of the series are set up as sequential chapters, organized into two parts. The first part focuses on social and historical commentary with pieces depicting primitive gatherings (“Ignis”); the emergence of social acceptability based on appearance (“The Signals”) and of the idea of “foreigner/stranger” (“The Other”); psychoanalysis as a superficial framework of interpretation of our relationship with others (“The Divan”); and contemporary use of social media in interactions (“Dissolution”).
The second part draws mainly from personal feelings: social anxiety (“All Around”), its symptoms (“Shards”, “Seen”, “Next time I will walk faster out of here”) and the coping mechanisms that can attenuate negative feelings and make the day to day life among others feel less burdensome (“The After Party”, “Good Neighbor”).
Visually, the images include grids, repetitions, rows of elements to represent uniformity and compliance. On the other hand, circles and more organic shapes stand for connections and the natural impulse to be close to other humans. Created in mixed media, the pieces are highly sculptural and multi-layered, and invite an exploration beyond the apparent image.
For more on the "Unto Others" individual pieces, visit http://untoothersart.wordpress.com/


2016, plaster, paper, aluminium, collage, acrylic and oil on canvas, 30x40in. (76x102cm)